Water Chemistry Textbook

The second edition of Water Chemistry is now available! Published in 2022, the book provides students with the tools needed to understand the processes that control the chemical species present in waters of both natural and engineered systems. The content focuses not only on inorganic constituents but also on natural and anthropogenic organic chemicals in water. This new edition of Water Chemistry also features updated discussions of photochemistry, chlorine and disinfectants, geochemical controls on chemical composition, natural organic matter, nutrients, and oxygen.

Quantitative equilibrium and kinetics problems related to acid-base chemistry, complexation, solubility, oxidation/reduction reactions, sorption, and the fate and reactions of organic chemicals are presented with step-by-step solutions. Examples show the application of theory and demonstrate how to solve problems using algebraic, graphical, and up-to-date computer-based techniques. Additional web material provides advanced content, links to software, figures, and a solution manual for instructors.

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Available for purchase: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Vitalsource

The first edition of the textbook was published in 2011. 


Textbook website, including Acuchem kinetic simulation applet, online
versions of key data tables, an errata list, and (for instructors only) an
answer key to end-of-chapter problems

The most up to date version of the errata is here

Powerpoint versions of the textbook figures are available from the authors. Please contact me for access.


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