Group Alumni

Graduate Students


Dr. Jeanette Voelz (Ph.D., Chemistry, 2019)

  • Environmental Science Director at ‘Aina Momona

  • Classifying Iron in Redox Reactions between Iron-Bearing Minerals and Environmental Contaminants

Dr. Andrew McCabe (Ph.D. Civil Engineering, 2017)

Dr. Jill Kerrigan (Ph.D. Civil Engineering, 2017)

  • Associate Scientist at WuXi AppTec
  • Investigating the drivers of chemical pollution: A spatial and historical analysis of emerging organic contaminants in aquatic and engineered systems

Dr. Jennifer Strehlau (Ph.D., Chemistry, 2016)

Dr. Amanda Vindedahl (Ph.D., Chemistry, 2015)

Dr. David Tan (Ph.D. Civil Engineering, 2014)

Dr. Megan Kelly (Ph.D. Water Resources Science, 2013)

Dr. Teng Zeng (Ph.D. Civil Engineering, 2012)

Dr. Sarah Page (Ph.D. Chemistry, 2012)

Dr. Andrew Warta (Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, 2010)

Dr. Erin Surdo (Ph.D. Civil Engineering, 2009)

Dr. Jeffrey Buth (Ph.D. Chemistry, 2009)

Dr. Jeff Werner (Ph.D. Water Resources Science, 2006; M.S. WRS 2004)

  • Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, SUNY Cortland

Dr. Chanlan Chun (Ph.D. Civil Engineering, 2006)

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Minneosta-Duluth

Dr. Todd DeJournett (Ph.D. Civil Engineering, 2005)

  • Senior Engineer at Geosyntec – Water and Wastewater Process Design, Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Tsutomu “Shimo” Shimotori (Ph.D. Civil Engineering, 2005; M.S. Civil Eng. 2001)

  • Manager, Research Instrumentation Laboratory, University of MN-Duluth

Dr. Li Zhang (Ph.D. Civil Engineering, 2004)

  • Environmental Engineer, City of Minneapolis Public Works


Stephen Todey (M.S. Civil Engineering, 2018), Environmental Scientist, 3M

Michael McCarty (M.S., Civil Engineering, 2016), Researcher-3, Public Health, U of MN

  • Development of a Novel Perfluoroalkyl Substance Sequestration Scheme Using Alginate Macrobeads and Common Water Treatment Polymers

Grant Wallace (M.S., Civil Engineering, 2015), Environmental Engineer, Geosyntec, Raleigh, NC

Louis Sigtermans (M.S., Civil Engineering, 2014), Environmental Engineer, Wenck & Associates

  • A modular technology for fermentative hydrogen production and capture from wastewater

Hao Pang (M.S. Civil Engineering, 2013), Discover Financial Services

Cale Anger (M.S., Civil Engineering, 2012) – Deceased

R. Noah Hensley (M.S., Civil Engineering, 2012), Ph.D. student, Physics, University of Otago, NZ

Alissa Dienhart Lawler (M.S., Civil Engineering, 2012), Wenck & Associates, MN

Kevin Erickson (M.S., Civil Engineering, 2010)-Arcadis, NY

Kirsten (Moore) Baker (M.S., Civil Engineering, 2010)-Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Chris Ryan (M.S. Civil Engineering, 2009)-Arcadis, MN

Peter Steen (M.S. Civil Engineering, 2009)-Wuxi AppTec, MN

Michael Henjum (M.S. Civil Engineering, 2009)-, Bonneville Power, OR

Christine (Wennen) Tufts (M.S. Water Resources Science, 2009)-Weston Solutions, MI

Jeremiah Jazdzewski (M.S. Civil Engineering, 2007)-Engineer, Houston Engineering, MN

Jon Doering (M.S. Civil Engineering, 2006)-last known–Principal Environmental, Health and Safety Representative, Global Business Solutions, Shoreview, MN

Jacob Thompson (M.S. Civil Engineering, 2004)-Engineer, Leggette, Brashears and Graham, St. Paul, MN

Jennifer Packer (M.S. Civil Engineering, 2002)-Boston Scientific, MN

Song Wang  (M.S. Civil Engineering, 2002)-Business leader at Honeywell

Visiting Students

Ida Engen from NTNU conducted M.S. research in the Arnold lab in 2016.

Cecilie Brekke and Camilla Overgaard from the University of Stavanger, Norway conducted their M.S. research in the Arnold lab in 2012.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Yiling Chen

Dr. Sarah Pati– Research Associate and Ambizione Fellow, Department of Environmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry Group, University of Basel, Switzerland

Dr. Craig Davis – Environmental Scientist, Exxon Mobil

Dr. Daniel McInnis – Faculty at Century College

Dr. Ana Prieto – Assistant Professor, University of Chile

Dr. Ekrem Karpuzcu – Assistant Professor, Istanbul Technical University
Dr. Kristine Wammer-Associate Professor, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN
Dr. Jeong-yub Lee-Environment & Energy Dept., Posco, South Korea
Dr. Sung-chul Kim-Associate Research Professor, Kangwon National University, South Korea